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Save 30% More On Quatity CNC Machined Parts

For over 18 years, Hanz Manufacturing has been providing high quality CNC services at great price to customers all over the world.   With the advancement of in-house technologies, Hanz offers CNC Machining, Rapid Prototyping , and 3D Printing Services. Contact us, today!


Our advantages,

  • Door to door delivery
  • We take care of duty cost
  • No language barrier
  • US sales office, no time zone difference

US Sales Office

Apt 108, 3800 SW 20th Avenue, Gainesville, FL

China Headquarters

101 A building, 6 East Lane, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
+86 15973199633

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Upload Your drawing and 3D Files
For your 3D model, we accept these file formats: STL (.stl), STEP (.stp), IGES (.igs), or Compressed folders (.ZIP)

The maximum supported file size is 100MB. For large or multiple files please place into one folder and compress into a ZIP or RAR file.