Quality Assurance

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Advanced Quality Checking Equipment

As an ISO 9000 certified shop, quality assurance pervades every aspect of what we do—from the quoting phase to final delivery.Our expert quality technicians are trained to operate a wide range of process and quality control equipment—including coordinate measuring machinesCMM), microscopes and a wide range of precision micrometers, gauges and indicators.


ISO9001:2008 Certifed Shop

We are devoted to provide our Customers the best quality product. We are selling not only CNC machined parts, but also our reputation. Having passed ISO9001:2008, we can proudly say that the quality of our products and parts are consistent.

Our chief engineer abtained his masters’ degree as a mechanical engineer from University of Florida. He have worked in the USA for many years. He knows exactly what it means when it comes to a quality work.