About Us


Hanz has extensive experience in reverse engineering, mass production. We have been providing superior CNC machining service from China , sheet metal fabrication service to customer all over the world.

Hanz plant area has reaches up to 10000 square meters and there are more than 50 employees working for us. Hanz’s goal is not to break through all cost barrier, but to produce things with uncompromising quality. We distinguish ourselves in the manufacturing field by the accomplishing the most challenging design and enforcing vigorous quality control process. We aim to serve global market that values quality work.

Here at Hanz, we are devoted to provide our customers with a one-stop-shop experience to help our customers save time and reduce cost. That is why we keep sharping our skills by creating bonds between companies that specialize in different fields.

Services that Hanz are providing for our customers includes but not limited to engineering, fabrication, machining, abrasive blasting, powder coating, painting, assembling and surface finishing.